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PT Cruiser mini-truck with a 500-hp Viper engine

pt cruiser mini truck

PT Cruiser enthusiasts are obsessive in their desire to ameliorate the breakout car from Chrysler that banks on nostalgic style. Between moments of customizing their own Cruisers, owners dream about Cruiser convertibles, slammed Cruisers, Cruisers with custom paint jobs and mini-truck Cruisers with 500 hp Viper engines.

Wait a minute... a mini-truck PT Cruiser with a 500-hp Viper engine? You read correctly. What's more, it's not just a pipe dream, it's a tangible concept.

The realization of the concept comes from Decoma International, a full-service exterior appearance-systems supplier for the automotive industry that specializes in both high-volume production vehicles and low-volume lifestyle vehicles. The idea is to enhance the appearance of more cars and light trucks than any other Tier 1 supplier in the business, according to the company spokesperson.

The 2001 SEMA Show in Las Vegas featured the PT/10 Lifestyle Cruiser, which tests the limits of PT extremism. Decoma introduced to the general public what the Cruiser's pickup cousin is supposed to look like. At first glance the truck looks oddly familiar, but somehow roguish. This custom PT pickup features a unique front grille that takes the Chrysler logo to a new extreme, sweeping across the front and inviting the eye to investigate. The front fascia and custom taillights set off the uniquely-PT truck body. A custom rear roll pan, bed spoiler, understated side exhausts, stainless tonneau and enormous BBS wheels with Michelin tires hint at the performance potential of this little Cruiser.