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The most notable and recognized PT Cruiser known to exist in the world. This world class custom "One of One" is "THE" Cruiser that set the retro world on fire and launched the custom PT Cruiser revolution worldwide.

At a development and construction cost well over $145,000, designed and hand built to set the standard for all custom cruisers to follow.

A hand built, "One of One," electronics and technology support trailer was created to send this incredible cruiser over the top. This outrageous piece of rolling magic, houses the car's electronic entertainment systems and elaborate audio visual systems.

Utilized by Chrysler Corporation and PTeazer to demonstrate the technology, custom development capability and a marketing personalization platform. As a "Feature" media vehicle on three continents and in a dozen languages, this Cruiser will go down in history as the greatest and most advanced ever conceptualized.

Featured on ESPN2 and the Vintage Car Show, it has "World Class" built into every fabric of its fiber. Winner of the prestigious Excellence in Automotive Design Award from SEMA, it also was awarded the Chrysler National Award for Peoples Choice and Best in Class in Carlisle,PA.

Advanced performance systems and chassis technology includes: 265hp, 4-cylinder, Whipple Supercharger, Nitrous oxide, Air Ride Technology "Trick Air Suspension", hand built custom suicide doors, custom-cowl induction hood, custom leather interior, dash, console and door panels.